February 26, 2024

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Political storm in the US after the raid on Trump’s home

Political storm in the US after the raid on Trump’s home

For some the first step to investigation, for others “political persecution”: The amazing FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home Tuesday shed new light on America’s deep fractures, with a former president seemingly flirting with the idea of ​​running again.

A former tenant of the White House has never cared about justice in this way.

Is the Federal Police (FBI) search connected to several cardboard boxes that Donald Trump took with him when he left the White House in January 2021? Is it related to the investigation into his responsibility in the attack on the Capitol? Is it related to suspicions of financial fraud involving the Trump Organization in New York?

Listen to Guillaume Lavoie’s column on Patrick Déry’s microphone on QUB Radio:

Contacted by AFP, the FBI declined to comment.

Donald Trump, who maintains his innocence in each of the cases and says he is the victim of a witch hunt, strongly condemned the federal police search in a press release that he did not participate in.

“Our nation lives in dark times,” he blasted, “and this unannounced search of my home is neither necessary nor appropriate.”

“No one is above the law […] Not even a former president,” House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded Tuesday on NBC, who, like other tenants of her camp, has for years called for the former real estate mogul to be held accountable.

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This judicial expansion also appears to have strengthened Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party that has united around the former businessman – to the point of raising him as a martyr.

“Civil War”

As soon as the search was announced, a group of Donald Trump’s supporters flocked to the former businessman’s lavish home and shouted their anger.

Many of them were waving “Biden is not my president” flags, another reminder that tens of thousands of Americans are convinced that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen,” more than a year and a half after Donald Trump’s election defeat. “From him.

On social media, some Trump supporters called for a “divorce” on Tuesday, saying the divisions in this country are so divisive they may seem irreconcilable.

“These kinds of things happen in countries at civil war,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, known for her excesses, calling for the removal of the FBI. “Political oppression must stop!!!”

A springboard for 2024?

Kevin McCarthy, the conservative leader of the House of Representatives, condemned the “intolerable instrumentalization of the judiciary for political purposes” and promised an investigation into its operation when Republicans return to power.

His camp could regain control of Congress in the November legislative elections, which promises to be dangerous for Joe Biden’s camp.

On the conservative favorite Fox News Channel, banners were highly critical of the search: “Judiciary’s increasingly aggressive tactics endanger the Republic”, “Biden’s FBI raided the home of one of his potential opponents in the 2024 election”, it was written.

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Donald Trump, who already has more than $100 million (an unprecedented amount for a former president) and can declare himself a candidate for a new term at any time, jumped at the chance to appeal to its generosity. Supporters.

“It’s not just my home that’s been attacked — it’s the home of every patriotic American I’ve fought for,” he pleaded in an email to his supporters, suggesting donations of $5 to $5,000 to fight the “witch hunt.”

Former Vice President Pence condemns FBI raid of Trump’s home

Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s former right-hand man, on Tuesday condemned the FBI’s search of the home of the former US president, who is likely to challenge him for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

“I share the deep concern of millions of Americans following the unprecedented search of President Trump’s private residence,” Mike Pence tweeted.

On Monday evening, Donald Trump announced in a press release that his luxurious Florida home had been “searched and occupied by multiple agents” of the federal police. Contacted by AFP, the FBI declined to comment.

Conservatives were unanimous in condemning “political persecution”. Mike Pence, after the reaction, promised on Tuesday, “Yesterday’s actions of Chap[ai]undermines public confidence in our judiciary”.

“After years of finding that FBI agents were politically motivated during our administration, we need to address the sense of bias that the Justice Department gives,” criticized Donald Trump’s vice president for four years.

The pair recused themselves after Mike Pence refused to contest Joe Biden’s certificate of victory in the 2020 election, saying the ballot was stolen from him, despite pleas from Donald Trump.

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Both are expected to contest the presidential election in 2024.