October 1, 2022

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Luck Merville has claimed nearly half a million dollars

Fallen artist Luck Merville is being sued for nearly half a million dollars by an investor who he accuses of luring him into a dubious fiber optic project in Africa.

“Everything points to him being the mastermind behind this operation […]. He used trickery and lies to defraud the plaintiff of his right to his monetary assets,” reads a civil suit recently filed by Victor Stanley Management Inc., in which Merville is contesting.

According to court documents, the whole affair began in the summer of 2020, when Merville allegedly approached the company to invest in a business project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It involved investing US$1.2 million in a French company that planned to deploy a fiber optic network in the central African country.

” [Mervil] The civil suit says the company was valued at US$12 million by an independent French firm and could fall short of a billion dollars.

Following these representations, Victor Stanley Management Inc. An initial payment of US$320,000 is said to have been made. However, as the court document indicates, all these good words may have turned into thin air.

After checks, it appears that, contrary to what was said, the French company did not receive government contracts.

“Bad Conditions”

And worse, the equipment for the project consisted of “two used antennas in poor condition and equipment located in a post office,” Victor Stanley Management Inc. found. While traveling in Africa.

“Furthermore, every time the plaintiff demands accountability in the use of funds, it is entitled to a series of excuses and/or questionable documents,” it pointed out in the suit.

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Convinced of being cheated, Victor Stanley Management inc. So he filed a lawsuit seeking almost half a million dollars in damages from Merville and his company, Gestin Lucknerson Inc.

In this case, a request to seize the former singer’s house was filed in Laval court, but it was canceled by the judge.

He refuses “as a table.”

Merville, who has been out of the spotlight since his 2018 conviction for sexual exploitation, has defended himself of any wrongdoing.

“I categorically deny any fraudulent activity in this case,” he said in the affidavit.

At the same time, Merville, 54, insisted that “there was no fraud in 2011 in connection with Village Village,” a foundation dedicated to building model villages in Haiti that has been embroiled in controversy. .

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