March 3, 2024

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Republican leaders make white supremacy forgivable, Liz Cheney accuses

Republican leaders make white supremacy forgivable, Liz Cheney accuses

Liz Cheney also took to Twitter on Monday to throw stones at her former colleagues, two days after elected Republicans rejected allegations that some of their rhetoric incited racism.

Management [Parti républicain] The House of Representatives has made white nationalism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism forgivable. History has taught us that beginning with words ends badly.

A quote Liz Cheney, Wyoming Representative

The person identified by law enforcement as the perpetrator of the shooting that killed 10 people – all black – Baden Gentron, 18, describes himself as a white supremacist in a 180-page document published online shortly before the tragedy, and officials believe this to be true. .

The 18-year-old calls him Public Plot theory Great alternativeAccording to an extreme right-wing ideology, the elite, especially Jews, want to convert white people to others through immigration.

The buffalo shooter opened fire on 13 people, 11 of whom were black. Ten of the victims died.

Photo: Associated Press / Derek G.

This idea, which was once marginalized, has now entered into more regular right-wing circles, from which explicit anti-Semitic themes are expelled.

Leaders [républicains] We must reject these ideas and reject them and those who defend themMs. Cheney, who was in the top Republican position in Congress until a year ago, argued.

It is not surprising that such condemnation comes from a politician who has repeatedly criticized criticism of the Republican leadership after the 2020 presidential election, but the Association of White Nationalists shot down its own political family’s attitude on Saturday. Unimportant.

She was neglected within her training for being The presidential election was not stolen from Donald TrumpMs. Cheney was there too Speaker of the House Republican Convention removed from office.

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He and Adam Kingsinger were the only Republicans to serve on the House Inquiry into Capital Storm, which included right-wing extremists.

The two elected officials hope their party’s House leaders will submit to Donald Trump’s allies and supporters who support white nationalism.

The Justice Department described the shooting at a supermarket in an area mostly inhabited by African Americans. I hate crime And an actViolent extremism triggered by racism.

In recent years, other murders like that From Charleston (In South Carolina, 2015) From Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), in 2018, then From El Paso (Texas), in 2019, mostly young white men, targeting blacks, Jews and Latinos, respectively. The latter two grouped together for ideas of alternative theory.

Schumacher lashes out at Fox News and ‘MAGA’ Republicans

Over the past few days, Democrats have expressed the same criticism that Ms Cheney has of Republicans.

Speaking in the Senate on Monday, Democrat majority leader Chuck Schumer slammed Republicans such as Trump over immigration and the right-wing Fox Network.

Until recently, only alternative theory was found In the dark places of the confused mindHe argued.

In their desperate search for audiences and ratings, companies such as Fox News have spent years in the art of inciting cultural flaws and political hatred that strangely reflect the news found in theory.He added.

These comments should have no place in American society and certainly should not be in the categories of our most watched news channels.

A quote Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the Democratic Senate Majority

A survey New York Times Star editor Tucker Carlson, who was released earlier this month, said the elite and the Democratic camp were trying to force population change in more than 400 episodes of his show, which is the most popular news network on cable.

I know that if you use the word “alternative”, the left and all the small Twitter keepers will go berserk if you suggest that the Democrats are trying to replace the current electorate, the current electorate, with new people, very obediently. Third World Voters.

A quote Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson in April 2021

Mr. Schumer also targeted Republican-elected officials: those who multiply racist and racist statements, for example, by qualifying undocumented immigrants.Invaders Or contribute to growth by falsely claiming that millions votedDangerous and profound anti-American worldviewThe Democratic leader said.

The subtext is clear. Those MAGA Republicans [en référence à Donald Trump] The far right argues that communities of color and minority are somehow a threat to the American way of life. This is basically an alternative theory.

Since the weekend, Democrats, columnists and Republican nominee Adam Kinsinger have pointed to Elise Stefanik instead of Liz Cheney.

Did you know that Elise Stephanic promotes white alternative theory? Of No. 3 [Parti républicain] From the roomMr. Kingsinger wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Kevin McCarthy To answer questions about itHe argued that Ms. Hyperlinked an article criticizing Stefanik’s campaign team ad.

Although advertising is not named in theory, it does echo some elements of its rhetoric.

Radical Democrats are still plotting their most aggressive coup: a permanent electoral uprising. Their plan, a general amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, would throw out our current electorate and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.Advertising requested.

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This kind of news, spread by Rep. Stephanie, is increasingly being propagated by elected officials and Republican candidates.

According to a poll by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago, just days before the shooting, nearly a third of Americans believe a group of immigrants are coming into the United States. Americans for political gain. Among Republicans, this ratio rises to almost one-two.

Republican camp denials

Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy underestimated the motive for his former aide’s attacks. This The same thing Cheney always does: [elle essaie] She plays the political game when she knows something is not trueHe said, quoting the American media.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, previously called Debut Shooting in American schools, he accused of tweeting The divisive and dangerous lies of the Democrats Democrats should try to raise money to retain their seats from donors.

How awfulIntroduced by Mrs. Taylor Green Intense and plot levels.

Last February, she and her colleague Paul Kozar attended a conference organized by the white supremacist without punishment.

If Kevin McCarthy had ruled Scary The behavior of these two members of his Caucasus, however, he did not retaliate against them.

In a statement, Elise Stephanic denounced her role Shameless, dishonest and dangerous slander Initiated by Left, his anti-Trump allies and bootlegging stenographers.

Elected Republican, representing a district in New York State Public Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants and Opposes Joe Biden’s Open BoundariesBut Did not support any racist stance or issue any racist statementThe statement said.

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