April 14, 2024

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The Russians strengthened their hold on Snake Island

The Russians strengthened their hold on Snake Island

The Russian military has strengthened its grip on Snake Island in the Black Sea, deployed a number of security systems, suggesting that it does not want to give up easily on this strategic point despite threats from new artillery systems and a Ukrainian missile attack.

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Recent open-source satellite images of the island off the coast of Ukraine and Romania make it possible to distinguish between various surface-air defense systems, and the Russians have installed them on nearby ships to further strengthen the security bubble.

“The Russians have established a number of anti-aircraft systems on the island, including various threat spectra, SA-13, Pantsir, Tor, ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns,” notes French researcher Pierre Grasser. Sorbonne Laboratory.

“They have recently consolidated their position and deployed aerial systems from different ground, on buildings on and around the island. Strategically, this makes sense even in the face of Ukraine’s new means, such as the Caesars or the Himalayas,” an unnamed French military source said.

Western nations have provided Ukraine with a number of mobile artillery systems that theoretically allow it to strike from as far as thirty kilometers off the coast, including French Caesar rifles, but above all Himars multiple rocket-propelled grenades are supplied by the Americans. Western Europe and Ukraine.

“We expect these organizations to be involved in the war soon, and we are committed to continuing to feed the flow of ammunition,” U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Colin Call said this week.

“The anti-aircraft systems currently in use by the Russians can not intercept guided rockets launched by the Himalayas, it is firm and solid,” he said. Crosser estimates. So do what the Ukrainians have done best since the beginning of the war: move them as soon as they realize the immediate threat. You have to react, but it’s useful even on a small island ”.

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He adds that “Himalayas can not make a concentrated fire” to plow the entire surface of the island with the amount available to the Ukrainians.

He explains that Russian defenses are “important to resist the removal of Ukrainian commandos from the island”, recalling that from May 7 to 8 at night, Kiev had already attempted a coup d’etat at least once. The commandos were destroyed.

Because the island is an important issue. From the first day of the Russian offensive on February 24, the attackers defended this flat, empty confetti. They lost people and property and struggled to hold on to it. The cruiser Moscow was hit by a Ukrainian missile, causing its biggest snap for the Russian navy in decades.

On Friday, Ukrainians said they had fired a missile at a Russian submarine with an anti-aircraft system near the island.

“This ship, originally designed for rescue at sea, served as an improved anti-aircraft base. It had a door system installed, ”he said. Crosser mentions.

On Twitter, naval issues expert security analyst HI Sutton believes that “these buildings are being used to provide the island” which is “of strategic importance. It is not just a pebble, it is a territory. Recalled.

The island is actually located at the mouth of the Danube, one of the most important rivers in Europe and the commercial artery of the continent. Whoever controls it can target that blowpipe. It could also be a base for firing on Odessa or Romania. Finally, there are hydrocarbon deposits nearby.