June 24, 2024

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The US Congress committed euthanasia

The US Congress committed euthanasia

Health officials in Washington announced Wednesday that Vixon had been euthanized for testing against a rabid dog that had caused a stir in the U.S. Capitol, attacked several visitors and bit an elected official.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Goplin’s slender nose was caught in white and red in the green spaces of Congress Hill, where the Senate and House of Representatives are located.

“Vixon was caught biting nine people on Capitol Hill yesterday and was euthanized with humanity for the rabies test,” health officials at the U.S. Capitol told a statement to several media outlets.

“The elderly woman and her cubs were found and captured this morning,” Vixon said.

The presence of this beast a few steps away from the Temple of Democracy in America was greeted with a lot of humor on social networks, especially a Twitter account posing as Vixen.

Following the news of Vixen’s death, the CapitolFox account tweeted, “Gone but not forgotten.”

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