November 29, 2022

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Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death
Co-founder and CEO of Apple Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer 11 years ago today. He is probably most remembered for introducing the iPhone on January 9, 2007. In an impeccable performance for both Jobs and the iPhone, Steve displayed the device with the confidence of a man who knew he was showing off a device that was about to change the world.
Jobs was only 56 years old when he passed away and ironically, just a day before his death, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S. This was the first iPhone to have Siri, and while some said the letter “S” in the phone’s name represented Siri, others (a few days after it was revealed) said it was a tribute to Steve Jobs. In fact, no one was right. As it did with the iPhone 3GS, Apple was just adding the letter to the previous year’s iPhone name with the same design as the new model.

This email said, “Hi Mr. Jobs, I love my new iPhone 4 (great job) but when I put my hands on the steel bands I lose all reception. It seems to be a common problem. Are there plans to fix this? Thanks Aram.” Jobs replied, “Just avoid catching it that way.” Somehow, this response became a direct quote from Steve saying, “You get it wrong.” In the end, Apple sent free rubber bumpers That was protecting the antenna bands from interference from your hands.
Before the iPhone, Jobs had triumphantly returned to Apple in 1997. He had appointed Pepsi CEO John Sculley to be Apple’s CEO in 1983. He then fired Scully Jobs who worked at Pixar (later acquired by Disney) and a company called Next in the process. . away from apple. When it bought Apple Next, it gave Jobs a way to return to Apple and take over as CEO (although it was meant to be on a temporary basis).
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Jobs released a series of products that we may never see again. First came the iMac with its colorful clear plastic. Then came the iPod, Apple’s own MP3 player that contained 1,000 great songs with a 10-hour battery life. The iPhone was next (nuff said) followed by the iPad.