April 24, 2024

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Trump is considering a bomb attack on drug labs in Mexico

Trump is considering a bomb attack on drug labs in Mexico

Donald Trump inquired with his Secretary of Defense about the possibility of a bombing of drug trafficking labs in Mexico in 2020, the latter being reported by Mark Esper in a book to be published on May 10th.

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According to excerpts from a book quoted by the New York Times, the US president at the time believed that the United States could not be behind such a missile attack on Mexican soil. Says Esper. Between July 2019 and November 2020.

The former White House tenant is said to have twice asked, “Can the Armed Forces launch missiles into Mexico to destroy pharmaceutical labs?” .

Donald Trump decided to sack Mark Esper in November 2020, just days after the US presidential election results were released.

Relations between the fiery Septuagint president and his minister have been strained since the Pentagon leader publicly opposed the deployment of the army a few months ago to suppress anti-racist protests in the country.

Elsewhere in his memoirs, Mark Esper writes, on the sidelines of these demonstrations in June 2020, the President, with great irritation, began in the Oval Office: “Can’t you shoot them? Shoot them in the legs or something. “

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