April 17, 2024

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Trump opposes disappointment

Trump opposes disappointment

The current primary confirms that Donald Trump’s grip on his party is strong, but not as gross as Trumpism.

Tuesday is the primary election day in North Carolina, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Candidates approved by Trump received mixed results, but primaries confirm that Trump’s pursuit of the populist right and the former president’s “big lie” dominates the Republican Party in the 2020 election.

Trump faces failures

In Mar-a-Lago, Trump smoked about the low performance of his most important options.

Madison Cowthorn, the young representative of North Carolina, was defeated by a vague local politician, despite the fact that Trump collected and alienated all his congressional colleagues.

In Idaho, Trump supporter Janice McGeachin, a staunch far-right ideologue, is already a staunch supporter of the Govt. He was severely beaten by Brad Little.

Featured in Pennsylvania

In this key state where he failed in 2020, Trump placed a big bet on two candidates. As a Republican candidate for governor, his favorite, Doug Mastriano, won. Mastriano, who marched on Capitol Hill at a rebel meeting on January 6, 2021, vowed to change the electoral process in favor of Trump in 2024.

Trump, the Senate candidate Mohamed Oz, has built even bigger bets on the celebrity doctor for appearing in television and gossip magazines. Should be recounted, but Oz seems to have defeated David McCormick, who is close to the Republican establishment.

Kathy Bornett’s third strongest Trump, a more conservative African-American than Trump, came as a mudslinger in the water.

Bornett’s credibility is almost superior to Dr. Oz ‘, whom Trump praises for his media successes, but many Pennsylvanians take a deception that conservative beliefs are false.

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Democrats have overwhelmingly elected John Fitterman to run for this seat in the Senate.

Other turmoil in view

The move shifts to Georgia next Tuesday, where Donald Trump seeks to oust Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Rafensberger, who committed the grave sin of refusing to turn the November 2020 election results in his favor.

Despite heavy records of personal abuse and controversial statements, opinion polls predict that Kemp and Rafansberger will face two defeats over Trump.

Republicans want to regain a two-congressional majority in November. They will be weighed down by the party’s Trump radicalization and the events of January 6, 2021 and the revelations of the investigation into the allegations against Donald Trump.

However, this will not be enough for the Democrats to hold on to Congress unless all the wounds in the US economy suddenly disappear.