June 15, 2024

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Facebook spreads hatred, accuses whistleblower Francis Hogan

Whistleblower leaks studies showing Facebook is aware of its operating system’s vulnerability Without competition The social website is spreading hatred online.

Computer scientist, who Testified in the US Congress This month, Facebook explained that it uses a system that prioritizes content that gets more clicks, which will always generate more resistance.

Anger and hatred is the easiest way to grow on Facebook.

A quote:Francis Hawgen, former Facebook employee

I am deeply concerned that it is not possible to make Instagram safe for 14-year-olds, and I really doubt whether it is possible to make it safe for 10-year-olds., She added.

In the range of failures he blames on Facebook, regulating important groups that are increasingly misinformed, or even low investment in its products that are not in English, could put companies already at risk of ethnic divisions and religious differences.

Tighten the law

According to him, the law Flexible As content and social networks develop, it is essential to stay up to date. We need ways to account for these companies, Called for more human intervention than algorithms and artificial intelligence.

As part of its online security bill, the UK government is considering introducing criminal penalties against companies that fail to deal with malicious content on their sites.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the social network have already spoken out against Francis Hougan’s allegations and put forward his efforts to combat hate online.

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